Team ECCO Sea Link Program

What is Sea Link?

 Team ECCO's Sea Link program is a program that takes place at your site. This innovative mobile classroom allows for your students to experience the learning opportunities offered at our aquarium, without leaving your school. 

How Much Does it Cost?

We offer two Sea Link packages. Sea Link basic is $85 with a maximum attendance of 40. Sea Link extra is $95 with a maximum attendance of 60. These attendance numbers include children and adults. This cost does not include the travel fee associated with the program booking. 

 Programs can be adjusted to fit larger groups or full grade levels. Simply contact us for a quote. We'd love to work with you.

How Do I Book?

Booking is simple. Click the Contact us button at the bottom of this page to send an email inquiry. Alternatively, you can call the aquarium during business hours; we'd love to talk to you! 


Keep in mind, currently our maximum one-way travel time is 30 minutes depending upon program choice.