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Time to jump in the water and be part of the most innovative aquarium and education program around!   Show your support by sponsoring a tank, become a partner or become  a volunteer. Discover more about the kind of involvement that means the most to you.

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Tank Sponsors

We've got plenty of tanks available for sponsorship, learn more below!


Want to get involved in a hands-on way? Volunteering is for you!


If you are interested in learning more about Team ECCO’s current partners, visit our Partners page. We are fortunate to live in a community that supports the work that we are doing to bring marine biology and research to inland North Carolina. If you are interested in becoming a partner simply Contact Us to learn more. 

Tank Sponsorship

Sponsoring a tank is a great way to show your support of our aquarium. We are in the process of revamping our tanks in preparation of our new shark tank installation. Tank sponsorship is a one-year commitment that can be made by a sole donor or a group of donors. The sponsorship includes sponsor recognition on the tank in the aquarium. If you are interested in sponsoring a tank, click to download our tank support form below.

At Team ECCO we are excited to offer tank sponsorship to our patrons. Sponsoring a tank is a great way to get involved with and show your support of our aquarium. We are currently in renovation mode in preparation for our shark tank installation. 

Our renovations will include a new look to our tank wall, and brand new opportunities for sponsorship! Each sponsorship lasts for 14 months. The money from the sponsorship directly supports our tanks and the diversity of the animals living in them. 

Sponsorships begin at $100.00 and all include a sign with your name printed on your tank of choice for recognition. Your sponsorship also includes invitations to private events, 6 single complimentary visits to the aquarium during your sponsorship time and a renewal reminder sent via email 30 days prior to sponsorship expiration.

Our patrons also have the ability to sponsor an entire tank individually. For pricing and more information on the specifics of these sponsorships, Contact Us. 


Team ECCO operates with the help of its committed volunteers. All of our students, and adults that you see around the aquarium feeding the fish, manning the cash register and interacting with customers are our volunteers. 

At Team ECCO we pride ourselves on the ownership that our volunteers get to take in the success of the aquarium. All of our volunteers are ready to share their knowledge with you during your visit to the aquarium whether that be educating you on our fish feeding practices, telling you about their personal experiences at Team ECCO or advising you on the best lunch spots. 

All of our volunteers start at the same level no matter how much prior knowledge they might have. The volunteers are a tight knit group of responsible, trustworthy and dependable people of all ages, and we want to ensure that every volunteer understands the important of every job at the aquarium from sweeping the floors to feeding the sharks. 

If you are interested in volunteering at Team ECCO know that our spots are limited. We welcome and encourage all inquiries, so fill out our Contact form. Once you’ve submitted your request in writing we will contact you to set up an in-person interview. Be advised that if a prospective volunteer is under the age of 18, a parent must be present at the interview. We want to be completely transparent in our volunteer expectations, and a big part of fulfilling these expectations is parent understanding. Though we do not have a maximum age limit, the youngest volunteer we are currently accepting is 5th grade. 

Selected volunteers will sign an agreement that outlines, code of conduct, dress code and expectation of responsibilities. Each volunteer undergoes a 30-day trial during which he/she can evaluate if they are interested in pursuing a volunteer position at Team ECCO. We understand that our volunteer selection and training process seems very structured- that is because it is. Our volunteers are getting in tanks with our animals and feeding them out of their hands, assisting with touch tank demonstrations or educating the public about what we do at Team ECCO. That knowledge requires training and we are committed to providing our volunteers with the best training there is, which can take time. 

There are four levels of volunteering. To graduate from the entry level you must complete 12 hours of volunteer work at the Aquarium and pass a practical skills test. Between each level of volunteer there is a practical skills exam. To learn more about what skills are necessary to pass each exam, click here. 

We are thrilled with your interest in getting involved with Team ECCO! If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to email or call us.